Jeremiah 17:19 – The human heart/mind

“Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.  That’s pretty good advice, I think. But what if ALL of what you see is wrong or incomplete?

Can anyone have wisdom without G-d? There is man’s futile circular thinking and then there is G-d’s Complete Wisdom.

I’ve heard the older you get the more you realize you don’t know.

I think that’s a pretty wise statement. I wonder if I would think that way if I didn’t know G-d?

Can a person’s mind play tricks on them? If so, thinking I’m wise would be the nastiest trick on myself.


One thought on “Jeremiah 17:19 – The human heart/mind

  1. I agree… Our ability to know and reason about things is a precious tool, one which needs to be used with humility. It makes sense to me not to start with the assumption that we must or can find all the objective truth about creation through reason, because clearly we can’t. It’s still matters to think and to follow the truth as it is opened to us. So there is a modesty or humility about what the right way is to ask such questions and hold such answers, and be guided in that process, and value the relationship offered to us in it.

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